Appodeal Plugins

As I get ready to get the plugins for appodeal through site, there are many plugins that are plugin.appodeal.whatever … do I single out each of these I want, do I just get the plugin.appodeal.base, which maybe grabs them all?
If I need to select each one I want, are there any to avoid (that is having major issues)?
I ask because I have read a few things about appodeal.vungle being an issue … and see there is a plugin.appodeal.vungle and plugin.appodeal.beta.vungle. … and I noticed a few others had both a beta. and non-beta choice

Thanks much!

The base only grabs the base. Some unsolicited advice:

  1. Don’t add Vungle for now.
  2. Use the beta version. Both versions are old but the non-beta is very old.
  3. You don’t have to repeat the other plugins for each type of ads. If you add for example adColony then it is added for banners, interstitial, and rewarded.

Thanks again sir. I will not add vungle for now; I will add most of the others (beta version of each, when there is one)