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Is it currently possible to add a dependency for for a Android plugin?

Lead SDK Developer @ GameAnalytics

Absolutely! When packaging your plug-in just put your gradle dependencies into the corona.gradle file.
See the example here at master · coronalabs/ · GitHub
(This is some random plug-in, first which has came up in the list)
Btw, if you want your plug-in in Solar2D plug-in directory, let me know, it’s easier than it seems

Ok great thanks for the quick answer

@GameAnalytics Out of curiosity, are you working on a new GA plugin version? That would be great. I think the one currently available has build errors.

Ah ok what build errors do you get @ojnab?

@GameAnalytics Oops sorry. I had this problem a couple of months back: Build Error iOS GameAnalytics - but I just did a build and it works just fine now. Well a GA update would be nice anyway :slight_smile:

Ah ok I am sorry about that. I don’t come in here very often so I don’t get a notification unless you tag me. I know the username is a bit weird (I am not sure if it can be changed to gameanalytics by some admins) but it has been like this since we were added as a user by Corona company (when it was called that).

@GameAnalytics I’ve gone ahead and changed your name for you. With Discourse forums, you can also freely change your username by yourself from the Preferences menu.

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