attempt to perform aritmetic on local 'obj' (a table value) SOLVED

I get ‘obj’ from

local delay = 700

  local function f1(obj)

    print(obj) number, { time=delay, x= obj, y= obj - 100  } )


  local block = false

  local function f2(event)


   map, { time=delay, x= contentCenterX + 50, y= contentCenterY - 260, onComplete= f1  } )


table: 086E47E0

I don’t know what you specific question is, but I do think I know the answer… :slight_smile:

The param obj to function f1 is your map that you are applying the transition to. You can’t use a table when performing arithmetics, just like the error message tells you.

So you need to change this line: number, { time=delay, x= obj, y= obj - 100 } )

to something like this: number, { time=delay, x= obj.x, y= obj.y - 100 } )

(Also, please try to be more specific with your questions, and use a more appropriate topic title instead of just the error message you get.)

oh, I didn’t notice that… It works! Thank you!