Audio Lag please help

Hi Everyone,

Went through the first few tutorials. One thing I noticed was how bad the audio lag was when playing sound. I tried a few different things such as loading the audio file in main.lua, streaming vs. loading, different audio types, etc. Finally broke down and loaded up a sample app (endless skateboarder) and the audio lag is also present there. The lag is usually only a few hundred milliseconds but enough to make things annoying.

Does anyone know if this is possible to fix? Makes a game which relies on fast sound effects (shooting a laser for example) really bad.

Planning to move to a different game engine if it is not fixable. I like everything else about this game engine though. Especially the amazing documentation.

I didn’t know that this was still a thing. Is this platform specific or are you seeing this on the simulator?

I must admit I don’t remember the audio lag having been an issue either in ages.

In addition to what bgmadclown already asked, did you check the audio types and frequencies of the files you’re using, as detailed in the docs:

This might be irrelevant to your problem, but make sure your audio files has no silence at the beginning
you can use online mp3 cutter to view the audio and trim it if required

Also make sure your code is working properly, and the lag is not caused by a function that is taking too long to execute or consuming big memory