Beta release of Zombie Escape for Android- a simple pull-the-pin puzzle game


We have been working on a casual game based on the popular pull-the-pin mechanic with a zombie apocalypse theme.

Unlike some of the hypercasual games in this category, Zombie Escape relies more on the variety of enemies and also introduces some variations to the simple tapping mechanic in the form of elevators, cranes and switches that the user is able to interact with.

We have also focused on bringing more character to the game by emphasising on audio, particle effects and physics.

The first open beta release includes 25 levels and some unlockable content such as character skins and weather effects and we will be very happy to get some feedback on this build so that we can optimise the gameplay, controls and difficulty before we start adding more content.

It’s our sincere hope you’d enjoy the game… please feel free to recommend it to your friends/family or colleagues if you think they’d be interested in trying it out :slight_smile:

Zombie Escape has been entirely built on Solar2D and we are immensely grateful to Vlads for his continued work as well as everyone in the community for keeping up the great work with their projects and helping out newcomers with troubleshooting. We are proud to be a part of this journey.

Here’s the play store link-

iOS TestFlight will start soon and if anyone is interested in testing, just drop us a msg and we’ll notify you as soon as it’s available

Nice graphics!

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Good job. It looks very nice! Let me know when it’s on TestFlight. You can also submit your games to for more exposure.

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That is a good looking game. Congrats!

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