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good morning
I am trying to build a DeviceInfo project using Corona Simulator
But it tells me it’s Build Progress and nothing happens

14:02:53.453  Solar2D Simulator 2022.3682 (Oct 14 2022 19:29:37)
14:02:53.453  Copyright (C) 2009-2022  C o r o n a   L a b s   I n c .
14:02:53.453  	Version: 3.0.0
14:02:53.453  	Build: 2022.3682
14:02:53.453  Platform: WindowsPhone / x64 / 10.0 / Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 / 4.6.0 - Build / 2022.3682 / ar_EG | EG | ar_EG | ar
14:02:53.453  Loading project from:   C:\Users\MesterPerfect\Documents\Corona Projects\DeviceInfo
14:02:53.453  Project sandbox folder: C:\Users\MesterPerfect\AppData\Local\Corona Labs\Corona Simulator\Sandbox\deviceinfo-1D04EB1329FFB28203CC74EC7D687C52\Documents
14:03:18.695  Testing credentials for 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Corona Labs\Corona\Resources\debug.keystore': 
14:03:19.940  jar signed.
14:03:19.940  Warning: 
14:03:19.940  The signer's certificate is self-signed.
14:03:19.940  The timestamp will expire on 2031-11-10.
14:03:19.940  Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -Duser.language=en

if this is the first time you build an app it will take a long time because it will download a few Giga Bytes of data

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I have a limited internet connection and can’t count on the Corona Simulator built-in file downloads
Can I download files from an external link and put them inside Corona Simulator?

Wish it were that simple…

It requires Gradle, current version used is 6.8.3; the file itself is about 147 MB. After it downloads and extracts it, it’ll generate a bunch of files with some more downloading. I can’t say for sure how much of it is additionally downloaded, but by the time it’s all said and done the .gradle folder will be about 1.04 GB.

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Following up on this, it seems downloading Gradle should get you more than half way there. Once you set that up it’ll download less than 100 MB of temp data as it builds up the cache; don’t quote me on it though, it’s a rough estimate from skimming through process monitor logs.

Download this version of gradle: Gradle | Thank you for downloading Gradle!

Place the zip tile in this exact path:


Since you already tried to build an app it’s possible the file is already there. If it’s not then create any folder that’s missing from the path I mentioned above until the full path is created, and place the zip file there. If it is already there then you just need to let the app build run until either it finishes or it errors out. If it errors out and you try again it should continue where it left off so that it doesn’t have to re-download all the files all over again.

You only need to go through this once. After cache is setup the app builds will take about 30 seconds from that point on (depending on your machine).

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ok, I will try the suggested solution and let you know the result
Thank you

[Build Error #1]
Error while building app
More information may be available in the Simulator console

06:34:59.372  Solar2D Simulator 2022.3682 (Oct 14 2022 19:29:37)
06:34:59.372  Copyright (C) 2009-2022  C o r o n a   L a b s   I n c .
06:34:59.372  	Version: 3.0.0
06:34:59.372  	Build: 2022.3682
06:34:59.372  Platform: WindowsPhone / x64 / 10.0 / Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 / 4.6.0 - Build / 2022.3682 / ar_EG | EG | ar_EG | ar
06:34:59.372  Loading project from:   C:\Users\MesterPerfect\Documents\Corona Projects\balloonTab
06:34:59.372  Project sandbox folder: C:\Users\MesterPerfect\AppData\Local\Corona Labs\Corona Simulator\Sandbox\balloontab-B478B9B40FD1B7B7DEA490D579374B6D\Documents
06:35:11.057  Testing credentials for 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Corona Labs\Corona\Resources\debug.keystore': 
06:35:12.121  jar signed.
06:35:12.121  Warning: 
06:35:12.121  The signer's certificate is self-signed.
06:35:12.121  The timestamp will expire on 2031-11-10.
06:35:12.121  Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -Duser.language=en
06:35:27.231  Excluding specified files from build: 
06:35:27.231     excluding: LaunchScreen.storyboardc
06:35:27.231     excluding: Icon.png
06:35:27.231     excluding: Icon-*dpi.png
06:35:27.231     excluding: Images.xcassets
06:35:27.231  FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
06:35:27.231  * What went wrong:
06:35:27.231  A problem was found with the configuration of task ':App:processReleaseResources' (type 'LinkApplicationAndroidResourcesTask').
06:35:27.231  > File 'C:\Users\MesterPerfect\AppData\Roaming\Corona Labs\Corona Simulator\Android Build\sdk\platforms\android-32\android.jar' specified for property 'androidJarInput.androidJar' does not exist.
06:35:27.231  * Try:
06:35:27.231  Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output. Run with --scan to get full insights.
06:35:27.231  * Get more help at
06:35:27.231  BUILD FAILED in 13s
06:35:27.231  Picked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -Duser.language=en
06:35:27.499  Android build failed (1) after 15 seconds

What is the total size of this folder?
C:\Users\MesterPerfect\AppData\Roaming\Corona Labs\Corona Simulator\Android Build\sdk

size of sdk folder is 0.99 GB (1,063,734,870 bytes)

The size is almost there, but not sure what else could be missing.

So, you can manually download the missing android.jar, this is an exact copy of what’s currently being used, and place it in C:\Users\MesterPerfect\AppData\Roaming\Corona Labs\Corona Simulator\Android Build\sdk\platforms\android-32\

If it still doesn’t work due to some other error then you may need to force the sdk folder to be recreated; just rename it to sdk.bak or something similar, try to build an app again and give it time.

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Finally, he succeeded in building APP
thank you for helping me
I have one last question
After you finish building the app

Corona Live Server
Unable to publish server. Please, install Bonjour for Windows then try again. Check online documentation for additional information. Would you like to open Bounjour for Windows download page?
Corona Live Server will now exit.
Yes   No   

Do I have to install Bonjour?

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If you want to do Live Builds, then yes. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you don’t know what that is then you can read about it here, but it’s basically a way to have your app updated on device without having to build a new APK for development purpose.

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ok, thanks  for info.