Box2D or custom collision system


I’m trying to make a Super Marior Bros U game style.
Do you think I should use Box2D for collision detection or code my own collision system

I found this video, and I like the separate tile collsion system

It is very interesting because once each shape polygon defined for each tile, you can build as many level as you want without any extra work for collision !

Is it a good idea to use Box2d ?
Will Box2D be efficient enough for a such big amount of object or should I reduce drastically the number of Box2d objects.
Lua is not very fast too. I found a bench telling Lua is 100 times slower than C++ code :grimacing:

Mario can sometimes cross platforms in (only) one direction.
Is it possible to tell Box2D to check one way collision ?

All this information about collision in this video seems too complicated to me. Lua is simple, so make it simple.

If you want to make a game like Super Mario you can use map editor:

Just check documentation, video tutorials and see simple example project:

Map Editor is open source and there you also have collision so you don’t need to build your own collision system.

mapEditor is great.
I’m using it to bluid my levels and define tile collision shape !

The question was about computing collision in game !
I will have a look to the sticker knight project :+1: