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Just adding a codeblock to my level layout and would like the codeblock to go at the top of the generated code. However, I added the codeblock after I created the level but now I can’t move the codeblock to the back of the list of objects.

When I try move the codeblock backward or forward Gumbo just goes blank (crashes?) and I have to load everything in again… thankfully I saved :slight_smile:

I’m sure this used to work but haven’t used this feature in a while.

– Chris
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Quick Update:

I managed to move my codeblock backward by moving all my level objects forward one at a time.
– Chris

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Thanks for letting me know.

Haven’t seen this myself, but I have some theories what might cause it. If you happen to recreate it then feel free to zip the project file and e-mail it to me: contact[at]nerderer.com. [import]uid: 13180 topic_id: 7607 reply_id: 38794[/import]