Build 3644 - Accessing Camera on Android crashes

Accessing the camera crashes the app on build 2021.3644. I’ve attached a tiny sample project at the end. I’ve tested this on Android 8.1 with Solar2D builds 2021.3642 and 2021.3644.

On 2021.3642, there are no issues. When you first launch the app and press the rectangle, the app requests camera access. After it has received access and you press the rect again, it opens the camera.

On 2021.3644, however, after you’ve received camera access and press the rect again, the app crashes.

Camera (66.8 KB)

As a result of the comment from @XeduR , I tried one of my apps that uses the camera, compiled with build 3644 and when trying to access the camera it gave an error. tested on Android 11

Hi @vlads , any news about this issue?

Looking into it.

@vlads, any news?

Hi @XeduR, have you been able to find a solution to this problem?