Build error #1

Hi! Please help me! I have build error #1 (log: ). @vlads advised reinstalling the JDK, but it didn’t seem to help. I feel like there is a problem with the keystore, but I am building an app using the debug key (and the standard example application doesn’t work either)

It seems like your user or path to project has some non-ascii symbols in it. May be your windows user name is in Russian. Unfortunately, Android cannot handle such situations for now.

Yes, the Windows user name is in Russian, but there is no Cyrillic in the project path, so I thought it didn’t matter. I’ll try changing my username, thank you.

make sure home directory is in english. that should help.

The exact same problem. Everything is compiled in the Corona and an apk file is created.
In Solar2d there is a Build error#1.
The path is “C: \ Users \ admin_pc \ Documents \ Corona Built Apps \ xxx.apk”
There are no Cyrillic characters in the path to the folder, I tried with different keys - the problem remains.

Try this. Make new project from engine menu, than move only your files from old project folder to new one.