Build Error #1

I updated the corona sdk on solar2d, and now my app doesn’t compile after that. I don’t know what to do! In the console I have the following

I build for Android, I really hope for help!

Have you compared a backup of your project to the newly changed one?

Try Java 1.8. Uninstall any other versions of java…

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Will this really help?
I don’t understand why this is happening at all, I used to have everything compiled perfectly, and after updating corona to solar2d, an incomprehensible error occurred.

I had this problem and I was able to correct it with the version of jdk I no longer remember 1.8 or lower and I am on the Solar2D 2020.3622 build

It should. Corona and Solar2D use different build systems. Corona relied ons server for builds, Solar2D is completely client side.

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Wow! You are simply magicians! Many thanks to everyone who helped:)

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