Build Error

I have already asked a question about this topic, but when compiling an application with a signature key that is not debugging, but with a real one, I get the following error:

I really hope for help!

I don’t have a definitive answer to this error, but wanted to ask if you could follow the etiquette set out in this post:

A photo of your screen is much harder to read and search through than if you just paste the text here directly, and so you’ll be more likely to have someone answer. Also it means you can just paste in the relevant parts, and not all of the “loading project…” stuff at the start.

If you use the </> button to tag it as code, that will be even easier to identify the code/error in amongst any other text that you type.

If I had to take a guess at your error, I’d suggest that there is a problem with the keystore you are using to sign the app. If you have never uploaded to GP using that specific keystore before, try making a new one making sure to follow the format shown here:

As we say, live and learn forever. I’ll take into account the rules you gave me. Thanks!

I made a new key, the application was compiled, but the problem is that when installing on the device, Google first warns that the application is from an unknown developer, and then I get an error: “the application is not installed”.
Is this how it should be?

Will the error disappear when I sign up for Google play console?
Will my app users get the same error(If they download it😊)?

If the users install through Google Play then they will not see this error.

In the meantime so that you can test, you need to turn on “Allow apps to install from unknown sources” on your device. Exactly where you do this on your device will depend on the make and model, so you will need to look that up.

Also, you may need to turn off “Play Protect” in the Google Play store, as this also stops apps from installing from unknown sources.

I allowed installation from “unknown sources”, disabled “play protection”, but still have an error. If users don’t see this and they are good with the installation, then it’s okay, I can test in the debug version. Thank you so much for help!

When you build the rulebase any errors or warnings that are detected will be automatically logged in the Error List. Using this list you can see the type of error/ .

OK. Thank you!

Hello guys, good job everyone, please help to solve this problem, not even the apps in the library are built, I can’t export anything to .apk on Solar! Help me

Could you describe your problem in more detail? You may not have installed the Java JDK (only version 1.8) or you may not be connected to the Internet.

I am also facing the same error …I was stuck from last 1 week…BUt now I think I got the solution