build failed to move helper files/plugin libs

I got this error when I want to build an iOS app.

Build Succeeded.
builder: buildCallSucceeded: true; buildResult: nil
Running: mv “/Users/szaboattila/Desktop/” “/var/folders/__/sb0npjmj1d71563lc425l95c0000gn/T/CLtmp0yOyXa”

Oct 11 19:44:07.627 ERROR: build command failed: mv “/Users/szaboattila/Desktop/” “/var/folders/__/sb0npjmj1d71563lc425l95c0000gn/T/CLtmp0yOyXa”

Oct 11 19:44:07.627 ERROR: with exit code 1 and output:

Oct 11 19:44:07.627 captureCommandOutput: cat /tmp/lua_Wvig8x

Oct 11 19:44:07.630 mv: rename /Users/szaboattila/Desktop/ to /var/folders/__/sb0npjmj1d71563lc425l95c0000gn/T/CLtmp0yOyXa/.build: Operation timed out

Oct 11 19:44:07.631 BUILD ERROR: ERROR: build failed to move helper files/plugin libs

Oct 11 19:44:07.631

Oct 11 19:44:07.659 iOS build failed (2) after 5 seconds

Oct 11 19:44:08.050 ERROR: Build Failed: ERROR: build failed to move helper files/plugin libs

Oct 11 19:44:08.051

Are there any solution ? thanks

There’s a new build that fixes lots of recent issues on macOS & iOS, see:

I already tried with that version as well

We encounter exactly the same problem when we try to build for Apple. “ERROR: build failed to move helper files/plugin libs”
And yet we’re building with Solar2D version 2023.3699 @XeduR
Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem?
Have you managed to solve your problem @szabo.attila.cegled ?
Thanks in advance for anything you can suggest to help us.

Unfortunately, I still don’t have a solution for this, so I can’t publish an iOS application in the store :frowning: but I really should

Well, we can’t build for Apple either. I hope this will be fixed soon in a new release of Solar2D as we have very short deadlines on our side.
If people who are experiencing the same problem can express themselves in this thread, it will let us know if this is affecting a lot of people and possibly get things moving faster.

@vlads, @Scott_Harrison is this something new that’s happened due to recent Solar2D core changes, some new macOS issue that should be addressed, or something entirely different?

It must be a os right beacuse the
mv: rename /Users/szaboattila/Desktop/ to /var/folders/__/sb0npjmj1d71563lc425l95c0000gn/T/CLtmp0yOyXa/.build

works if the target directory forexample the Desktop like this :slight_smile: mv: rename /Users/szaboattila/Desktop/ to /Users/szaboattila/Desktop/CLtmp0yOyXa/.build

so I think we cannot write the tmpDir

Try building sample app. And do NOT build to any directory under Documents or Desktop. Ideally build to some place like ~/Library (press command shift g and paste that path. Create a new directory there.

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Thanks it works !

I changed the output path to : /Users/szaboattila/Library/Hunidoc