Build Server Connectivity Issues?

Has anyone else noticed issues with using the build server in the last day or so? I’m finding that every other build hangs and I have to kill Corona and start over.


What version of Corona? In the new version of the sdk there are no build servers? It builds on your machine.

I’m still using the build server for now until I complete my current release. It is release 3583.
How much effort is it to convert to setting up local builds?

Just downloaded the latest DMG from Github to give it a go. Got it installed ok but when I go to build it just gets stuck indefinitely on Collecting plugins locally. Is this something that has to be installed separately? Are there complete instructions for doing a full install of Solar 2D locally? I couldn’t find them on Github.

Thank you.

@Edissey - all plugins where the publisherID is identified as will be automatically downloaded by the latest OFFLINE build 3598. I have recently updated my LIVE APP with this version. For plugins, you’ll need to connect with them via the new Solar2D Marketplace:

It has automagically started to work (I don’t use any plug-ins).
Thank you for your reply.

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