Building a MacOS app linked with native plugin

Hi everybody,

I am developing  a native plugin for Corona, and I am successful providing this plugin for iOS on my own server. I am very happy with that  :slight_smile:

For that I have this following code in my build.settings file :

 plugins =     {         ["xyz.canardoux.micorazon"] =         {             publisherId = "xyz.canardoux",             supportedPlatforms =     {                  iphone         = { url="" }, ["iphone-sim"] = { url="" },                 android        = { url="" },                 macos          = false,                 win32          = false, linux          = false,             },         }, },

Now I would like  that my user can also build a macos App, using the great Corona Simulator build feature.

On google I only found information that must put “macos  = false” in the build.settings file, and put ourself our xxx.dylib in a correct place. But this does not permit a build from the Corona Simulator nor the Live Reload feature

If possible, I would be glad if the user can use the menu :

File > Build > macOS…  and have a correct macOS app built by the Corona Simulator, working with my own plugin.

  • Is this possible to have the xxx.dylib stored on my server ?
  • What must I put in my build.setting ?
  • Do I need to provide a metadata.lua file with my xxx.dylib ? What inside?

Thank you for any help.