Building games using corona framework

Good day colleagues, is corona an open source software? And can I generate codes when developing a game. It is my first time please help

It’s Solar2D these days and yes, it is open source. I don’t know what you mean by generating codes, but probably the answer is yes to that as well.

Thank you I mean can i get the codes when coding…

Welcome to the Solar2D community!

Thank you I mean can i get the codes when coding…

For Solar2D, you program or code your applications (apps) using a normal text editor to enter and edit your source codes.

You can test and debug many of the interactions of your applications using the Solar2D simulator, on your development platform, typically a Mac or Windows desktop.

You can then use this simulator to “build” the apps, in different binary codes. These binary codes will then run on your target platforms, for example, iPhone, Android device, Windows desktop, HTML and etc, once they are deployed.

If you are talking about about code auto completion, then there are plugins for Atom, Sublime and Visual Studio Code which handle that. If you are literally asking if you get to have/own the code as you write it, then yes, all code that you write is yours.