builds 3607, 3608 and 3609 broken

notifications.v2 is now OFFICIALLY BROKEN in builds 3607, 3608 and 3609. It only works in 3606.

@vlads - can you please resolve soon?

On my Android 9 device…
Runtime Error:
java.lang.illegalArgumentException: Please set your project ID. A valid Firebase project ID is required to communicate with Firebase server APIs: It identifies your project with Google.

As I said above, this error does not occur on build 3606, only 3607, 3608 and 3609. I’ve tested them all.

Working on it.

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We are encountering the same problem with 3609. Using the notifications plugin seems to interfere with some ad networks. @Scott_Harrison - can you also please confirm if your IronSource plugin works with the notifications v2? We are only able to build using your plugin on Android after we drop notifications plugin.

the notification was fixed in 3610. I am able to get token and send remote notifications now.

i’am this problem in IOS

Any solution?