Business App Local Storage and Export To Word Document

Hello All, I’m just looking at my option right now and considering using Solar2d to make a very simple web style app. I want a page that collects data, text and images, where you can then store the data to look at again or export it. Has anybody here done anything similar? Is it possible to export data from the app to a word document(text and images)? I realize this is more of a game engine so it’d be great to hear from somebody who might know more about this. Thanks!

Solar2D is powerfull enough to do all what you stated here and more. (I just cannot say it is “just a game engine” :slight_smile: ).

If you need to read data from a certain URL, a file from a web, from an HDD of your PC or phone? - easy! Writing data to another file or sending data back? - of course, it can!

Now about word documents: there are a few Open Format documents that can be used in MS Office. The specifications could be found on the microsoft sites. So, you can learn the structure of the document you are going to export data ti. When I hear about Open Format documents for MS Office, first of all I think of the current DOCX file and RTF… which is not actually open :smiley:

DOCX standard is described on 100+ pages… Though for your needs you might need only a few to read :slight_smile: RTF is easier though. Consider export to HTML, also. If you need a stand-alone image (with texts and other images on the canvas) of all your data, Solar2D can do it, too.