Can anyone recommend an Ad Network to promote game for user acquisition?

Can anyone recommend an Ad Network to promote their game for user acquisition?

If anyone is using a particular Ad Network to promote their game, I’m hopeful to learn any wisdom from the Solar2D community on this topic. So, any participation would be especially appreciated.

Troy, any luck with this?

I am in the process of “refreshing” my app and I am just about ready to publish.

I would really like to put more emphasis on promoting my app and would be very interested in finding out what other developers are doing in that regard. What has/has not worked for you?

I was going to start with admob banners and interstitials, but that may not be as effective as other approaches. Would just like to hear what other successful developers are doing.

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Google Ads or Facebook Ads are the best

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I use IronSource - but about 6-9 months ago, as revenue dropped 75%. Meaning that what was $100 is now $25. Not entirely sure why. I’m curious myself if there are any other options.

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On Android, I am partial to Chartboost although I also use Facebook / Google Ads for iOS. Chartboost is the only one that allows you to do CPM campaigns. And I like knowing that I am getting a fixed cost per 1000 impressions and that the traffic provided isn’t dependent on my conversion rate.

On iOS, at the price I can bid for installs: I hardly get any installs on Facebook or Google. Although I leave it on because any installation is profitable even if they are not that many.
On Andriod, at the price I can bid for installs: I get a massive volume of low-quality installs on Google and still not that many on Facebook.

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Volume campaign is like throwing money down the drain. The quality is absolute crap and just kills your KPIs. Not to mention 30-40% are bot installs.

Google tCPA, whilst more per install, give MUCH better installs. With much higher retention, better eCPMs and more IAPs.

You get what you pay for in UA.

Hey @agramonte Could you tell me what are the setup of your campaigns using Chartboost?

At .20 cents, it will never spend 100 dollars a day. Even at .50 cents, it will never spend $100. Let me know if that is what you want to see.

Thanks… That screenshot is for a CPI, and how did you get better results, CPI or CPM?
When you select CPM, what is the amount you type?

On iOS I use CPI but CPM on Android. For CPM, I try to keep it at $1.50. And the min is $250/day. My last creative had a conversion rate of 0.81%. So about 8 installs per $1.50 or 18 cents per install in US and Canada.

On those installs, I got the following retention:
24h retention of 17.5%
72h retention of 10%.

I put hours because I get the values from Tenjin and Tenjin calculates retention for hours after installation. So 3-day retention is 72 hours from the time of installation.

Also, note that the install rate in the Chartboost console is for the install rate of clicks not of total impression. For the campaign above I got a click-through rate of 16% and an install rate of those click-throughs of 5%.

So that is a good scenario for me. I have had creatives that produce dismal install rates. I test them out with a CPI campaign first. I won’t bother doing CPM if the install rate is terrible for CPI. Anyway, Chartboost will put the breaks on your CPI campaign if the install rate is too low and CPM goes too low.

Thank you so much for the info… I’ve been reading their documentation. Do you need to use their SDK to create CPI campaigns?

For hypercasual games, I would recommend mainly 2 : mintegral and admob with video format.

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Yes unless you are a big client then you can use something like Tenjin.