Can I still use gumbo now?

I am a beginner and just learned solar2d.

  1. Can I still use gumbo now?

I went to this website and Microsoft is no longer supported silverlight

  1. If gumbo can no longer be used, is there an alternative to set the UI?

Hi ccw,

I don’t remember whether I seen it before, but just took a look and it works with IE 11.

Seems cool and probably useable, but as you noticed it does require Silverlight which is a “discontinued application framework.” I also don’t see any documentation on this tool.

Since you are a beginner I think you might complicate things for yourself by using a tool like this. You should probably understand how Solar2D framework works first and get familiar with the API.

To answer your second question, I don’t believe there’s currently an active alternative.

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Thanks a lot

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