Cannot Build Apps With Solar 2D

I just Finished an app but when i try to build it says build error#1,so when i checked the console it says "could not initialize class org.codehaus.groovy.reflection.Reflectioncache,i even re-downloaded the latest version of gradle and it didn’t still work,help please i can’t build the app i worked so hard to create

I believe you in the wrong forums. Groovy is a Apache framework for building apps. Solar2d uses Lua.

@GodswordUchiha, you need to provide more information with your posts when you are asking for help. For instance, are you using the simulator or native to build your apps? What’s the entire error message (post it to pastebin)? etc.

In this case, you may have an incorrect version of JDK installed.

so which version of jdk should i install or which one does solar 2d use

Solar2D - JDK

thanks for replying,sovi downloaded the JDK from the link yoy gave me and i’m still getting the build error,i’m using the corona simulator to build and this is a text file of the error,Build Error.docx (11.9 KB)