Cannot build on Android through Solar2DBuilder from snap package


Newbie here, I have not found other people having this issue online :confused:

I have openjdk 8, 11, 17, 18 and 21 on my machine, and I installed the latest snap build of Solar2D using SnapCraft.

I successfully built the apk for the first project of the tutorials (a menu with a crate falling). I then try to build it through CLI but it says it cannot build for Android:

➜  Solar2D ./Solar2DBuilder build --lua "/home/nicolas/Documents/Solar2D Projects/Test/build.lua"
CoronaBuilder: building project with '/home/nicolas/Documents/Solar2D Projects/Test/build.lua'
CoronaBuilder: building for Android is not supported on this operating system
error: CoronaBuilder: Could not build because of earlier errors and/or missing build arguments

Here is the build.lua:

return {
	appName = "Solar2Demo",
	androidAppPackage = "com.solar2d.test",

	androidStore = "google", -- "none", "google", "amazon", "ouya", "gameStick"

	platform = "android",
	appVersion = "1.0",
	androidVersionCode = 1,
	projectPath = "/home/nicolas/Documents/Solar2D Projects/Test",
	dstPath = "/home/nicolas/Documents/Solar2D Built Apps",
	certificatePath = "/home/nicolas/Documents/Solar2D Built Apps",
--	keystorePassword = nil,
--	keystoreAlias = "androiddebugkey",
--	keystoreAliasPassword = os.getenv('KEYSTORE_ALIAS_PASSWORD'),

Did I do something wrong ?

Thank you !