cannot create new "uploadable" IPA with Solar2D Build 3703

Today, using the latest build 3703, I cannot upload a new build using xCode 15.2; when I use Transporter to DELIVER, I get this message:

Asset validation failed (90534)
Invalid Toolchain. Your app was built with an unsupported SDK or version of Xcode. If you plan to submit this build to the App Store, make sure you are using the versions listed in or later. (ID: 2ca8f467-34bb-459b-aa02-c40952710fe1)

When I check the console, I see this…
Building: Packaging app
Analyzing plugins…
ERROR: Builder failed: /Volumes/2020/Dropbox/Projects/AMEN cannot open /Volumes/2020/Dropbox/Projects/AMEN No such file or directory
BUILD ERROR: There was a problem linking the app.

Any idea what’s going on? It’s worth noting that the last time I created a build was last month with version 3702 using Xcode 15.1. Now, using 3703 using Xcode 15.2 I get this error.


I am looking into it. I can was able to submit an app. Please send me your build.settings. Also, try not to build it to Dropbox. May be create a new directory in you home finder - go - home

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sent it to you via email

I reverted to Xcode 15.1, and the same issue still occurs.

After reverting to Xcode 15.1, I also reverted to Solar2D Build 2024.3702. This works to create an IPA that I can upload with Transporter.

So, please let me know when you produce a new 3704 build that fixes this problem so that I can use Xcode 15.2. Until then, I’ll keep using the old build and old Xcode.

for me Solar2D 2024.3702 with Xcode 15.2 is working to upload an app.

I have just the same problem with Solar2D 2024.3703

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How/Where do I get Xcode 15.1 and Solar2D Build 2024.3702? I am having a similar issue, but I am on a new mac and don’t have previous versions.

Try just using 2024.3702 with 15.2 - it may work

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Did you get my build.settings? It appears others are having the same issue with 3703, so I’m not sure that’s an issue.

I am not sure how to use 2024.3702 I only have 3703 and don’t know where/how to change it to 3702. Where/how did you change yours to 3702?

Hey. Please revert to 3702 for now - download it here
You also would have to download Xcode 15.1
(direct link, works after authorization)

There is an issue and it is deeper than I hoped for. It seems apple changed something unobvious. I am looking into it.

@troylyndon yes, thank you for your build.settings.

P.S. I also created a github issue to track this problem: iOS: Invalid toolchain when shipping app with 3703 and Xcode 15.2 · Issue #677 · coronalabs/corona · GitHub

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@vlads Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, it is not helping with my issue. Corona Simulator Works - Xcod simulator does not - #3 by revco Any other suggestions?

Just had a thought. Perhaps it is my build settings causing the issue. For sake of argument I quickly created the “Getting Started” Ballon app from the Solar2d Documentation and it’s giving me the same issue. Can you confirm what the build settings should be in order for it to successfully run on the Xcode Simulator for that tutorial game? From there I will apply the same methodology to the build settings for my game. (This will help me learn better… if that makes sense.) I really appreciate help. Thank you.

Reverting to 3702 but still using Xcode 15.2 worked for me. Thanks for the tip!

It looks like 3703 was re-released today, and I didn’t have any trouble uploading to Apple with it. Thanks!

With the new update to 3704 and also doing Open using Rosetta it now lets me successfully build to Xcode iOS simulator. However, it will not let me open the project in Xcode, and I am also not able to upload/install the game to my iPhone. For sake of argument I did create an easy math game directly in Xcode and had no issues uploading/installing to my iPhone. Any suggestions on what may be the issue?