Cannot Sign release keystore


It is work in [Corona-Windows-2020.3592.msi] but promt out “password not valid or key store not valid” when i select my own key store in [Solar2D-Windows-2022.3672.msi]… please help…

Is the installation of java x64 / x86 wrong?
I think it should be the problem of keystore or java environment.
I want to publish it to google play but it cannot build by signing debug keystore.

Any suggestions is welcome. Thank you.

Which JDK version are you using to create the keystore?

in my case JDK 15 is working fine with latest Solar2D update

version 18. work in version 15 x64 , thank your suggestion very much. :grin:

On a separate note, using* as your package name is probably not best practice (assuming you’re not building an app for Vlad).

Most people format this as a reverse domain name, using their own company domain - or something unique to the individual if you are not a company. So something like com.cheaterauthor.benshouqi would be more appropriate.
If you’ve already published on Google Play using the current package name then it’s too late to change it, but given your screenshot shows the version number as 1.0.0 I figured you’re still in a position to change it.