Can't connect to the build server. We need to ship.

Unexpected connection error occurred: 11

I can’t access the URL pasted in the other thread in Safari.

I see this has been an issue since December last year. Are you planning to switch provider, so that Corona SDK can be used for developing apps in the future?

@henrik5 You seem to be a bit out of the loop. Corona changed to Solar2D quite some time ago. It wasn’t just some rebranding, but the company behind the engine shut down and Solar2D went fully open source. As a part of that, Solar2D uses offline builds, i.e. no build servers needed.

The build servers have been running for now, but they are in decline according to Vlad. They will be going permanently offline after October 15th.

You need to migrate to Solar2D.

Fine. Why is it hard to find the compiler download link?

You can find it on top of the forums as “Solar2D on GitHub”, official page or from Releases on GitHub repo.

Yeah, there’s also “Latest Build” link in the forum header that takes you to the latest version. Or if you searched “Solar2D download”, the first result is and there’s yet another download link.

The download link is quite readily available.