Can't run Solar2D template project in Xcode 12

Solar2D version: Corona-3617.

I have just updated my Xcode to 12.0 and run the Corona native template: App project.

got an error of:

In /Users/Library/Application Support/Corona/Native/Corona/ios/lib/libplayer.a(CoronaProvider.gameNetwork.o), building for iOS Simulator, but linking in object file built for free standing, file ‘/Users/Library/Application Support/Corona/Native/Corona/ios/lib/libplayer.a’ for architecture x86_64

Please give me some guild of how to solve the issue for solar2d native projects in Xcode 12.


you are trying to run/build in the simulator. You need to run it on the actual device.

it also returns for architecture arm64 when running on the real device.

Does any one have the same issue when upgrading to Xcode 14?

Sorry spoke too soon. I don’t think it works at all. There is another thread with people not able to build.

Im getting issues but I think some of it is migrating up from older project using corona bits.