colour wheel

I need a color wheel for my App. Is there a simple way?
If not, do i need to load a color wheel image?
Can I get the pixel value of an image at an x,y position?
Or, do I need to calculate it on selected position?

How about this?

thanks for that. But I needed something different. For those interested I used a color wheel png image and this code:

local function onColorSample( event )
print( “Sampling pixel at position (” … event.x … “,” … event.y … “)” )
print( "R = " … event.r )
print( "G = " … event.g )
print( "B = " … event.b )
print( "A = " … event.a )

local function SmallTapped(event)
display.colorSample( event.x, event.y, onColorSample )

_containerDialog:addEventListener(“tap”, SmallTapped);

thanks for the awesome information.

thanks for the awesome information.