Composer vs Appodeal API interactions?

I’m trying to understand how composer and appodeal for ads works together.  Right now I have my main menu as a scene, then i have my game as a second scene with each level being a different overlay. So my question is, if I move from parent scene to parent scene (main menu to game), how does this affect the loading/initialization of appodeal ads?

Since I have been having issues getting the ad to load quickly enough when loading from the game parent scene, i was thinking about adding a scene before the main menu for a “loading screen” and initialize/load the ads.  This way it should be ready before I need it during the game scene/overlays upon a 5th failure.  So, if I load/initialize appodeal ads in one scene, do they stay that way when transferring to another scene? Thanks for any help!

Yes. I initialize Appodeal only once at the start of my app (on the first scene). Calling show from any scene will display an ad loaded in any scene.