Consumable Already Bought (iOS)

My consumables were working previously. They are set up correctly on the iTunes Conn. I’ve updated my game and now I am testing my consumables. Currently, when I try to purchase a consumable, I receive the item is already purchased notification. Moreover, transactionCallBack is never called. Nothing happens.
BTW, I use the monetization code given in the sample code.

You need to tell iTunes Connect that you have ‘consumed’ the item in order to enable re-purchasing it.

I don’t know the exact syntax for this anymore, but you need to hunt around the docs for marking an item as ‘consumed’.

Note: I use IAP badger which does this for you automatically AND supplies an easy way to do it manually in case something goes wrong. So, I’m less familiar with coding this long hand.

Thanks roaming. I think you’re right, I should call finishTransaction without a transaction somehow. Actually, I don’t know how to achieve this.
I am going to look at IAPBadger.

OK. I’ve solved my problem.
I initialized the store before everything else in main.lua. And all unfinished transactions were finalized automatically. Of course, I called finishTransaction for all of them.