Content Rights on App Store

I’m in the process of submitting one of my apps to Apple App Store.There is a window in that process that show the text below. If my app have implemented ads (Admob) and Game Analytics or any other third party network, what option do I have to select?

Does you app contains, show, or accesses third-party content?

1. Yes, it contains, show, or accesses third-party content, and I have the necessary rights
2. No, it does not contains, show, or access third-party content

I would check no since those are just sdks

You, the developer, are the first-party. A specific player playing your game is the second-party (i.e. each individual player is a separate second-party), and everyone else is third-party.

Technically, if you do have ads in your game that are provided by a third-party, like AdMob, then you need to say yes. Those aren’t first-party or second-party ads. You do, however, have the necessary rights to use them due to your agreement with AdMob, for instance.

This question is really just Apple making sure that you have the legal right to use everything that you are using in your app. This absolves Apple of any liability in case some developer is caught having used such content in their apps illegally.

Thank you @Scott_Harrison That makes sense

Thank you @XeduR