Corona-3552 (Project Templates - App) Android build Error - Missing licensing-google.jar

In Corona-3523, we can open “Project template - App” in Android Studio and and successfully build the apk file.

After update to 3553 or latest version (Android 10 permission problem fixed), when we compile the project template - App, following error occurs:


> Could not resolve all files for configuration ‘:app:debugCompileClasspath’.


   > Failed to transform file ‘licensing-google.jar’ to match attributes {artifactType=android-classes, org.gradle.usage=java-runtime-jars}


      > Execution failed for IdentityTransform: /Users/sam/Library/Application Support/Corona/Native/Corona/android/lib/Corona/libs/licensing-google.jar.


         > /Users/sam/Library/Application Support/Corona/Native/Corona/android/lib/Corona/libs/licensing-google.jar



There is a huge change in the  Native/Corona/android folder (As seen in the attached screenshot)

Is there anything missing in the latest Corona version?

Hello. We don’t support “old” format of the projects anymore. Now Corona comes in AAR format, which is way more convenient, but requires some migration. I’m working on the guide how to migrate old projects to new format. If you really want to use things the old way, you can upzip aar, but I would recommend to include it in.

Easiest way is to copy Native project teamplate and move your code into it, to be honest. It provides multiple benefits, like automatic setup of the plugins, etc.

Hi Vlads,

I think you don’t understand my meaning. :frowning:

I installed Corona-3523, open “Corona-3523 project templates App” in Android studio and compile. It can generate the apk and aab file

I then installed additional Corona-3552, open Corona-3552,  open “Corona-3552 project templates App” in Android studio, it cannot compile anymore , it always claims missing “licensing-google.jar”. 

Could anyone provide a working Android template which can open in Android Studio , so that it can work in Corona-3552 or latest build?

You are right. Sorry, I misunderstood. For now you can copy that one file. It is unchanged from previous versions, and next build would include it.