Corona builder can't build android with androidStore = 'none'

I use CoronaBuilder to build apk with targeted androidStore = “none”.

I get the error below:

CoronaBuilder: building project with ‘temp/None-Descriptors/FEJR23.3.2-none.lua’
Building app ‘Studycat’
Version ‘23.3.2’
Platform ‘Android’
PlatformVersion ‘40300’
Project: ‘/Users/chaselee/apps/funbox/builds/FEJR23.3.2-none’
Dst: ‘/Users/chaselee/apps/funbox/packages’
Custom build id: ‘none’
Build type: ‘distribution’
Keystore path: ‘****************************’
Keystore alias: ‘fei’
Android version code: ‘4216a8c6’
Android app package: ‘********************’

Total time: 8 seconds
PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (invalid key to ‘next’)
PANIC: fatal Lua error: invalid key to ‘next’