Corona crashes when creating physical body with polygon outline from a display group.

Hi. I’m having a problem with defining the outline for a physics object in the game  I’m developing. I use the graphics.newOutline method to get the coordinates from a  specific image. Then I create a group in which I insert a an image. Lastly I create a  physical body based on that group with an outline from the specific image (and I need  to add other images to the group later). If I create the physical body directly from  an image, the outline is appied without a problem. However, when I try creating the  physical object from a group, Corona Simulator crashes. Here is the sample code from  the function I use to create the physical body:

local targetGroup = display.newGroup() local target = display.newImageRect( "GFX/image.png", 400, 400 ) local targetOutline = graphics.newOutline( 2, "GFX/image.png" ) targetGroup.x, targetGroup.y = display.contentCenterX, display.contentCenterY targetGroup:insert(target) physics.addBody( targetGroup, { outline=targetOutline, density=100, friction=0.3, bounce=0.1 } )

If instead of creating the body with targetGroup I create it with target the whole thing works.

Apologies if the question has already been asked and thank you in advance!

My guess would be that graphics pairs the outline with the image so trying to swap the image for a group during physics.addBody causes the physics engine to crash and take down the simulator. 

If you want to define a group as a physics body I think you will have to define the vertices manually or use physics editor or a similar tool