Corona doesn't show up on Mac (Build Version 2020.3592)

Hi all.

I have downloaded latest 2020.3592 version and installed it. However, the Corona app doesn’t show up. It appears on the Dock but the window itself does not appear.

Any idea how to fix that problem to check offline builds?

it works for me.
Can you try launching it from the console to see if it gives you any error message?

/Applications/Corona-3592/Corona\\ Simulator

Thanks for the reply and for the suggestion, @michelangelog! It worked running the command. After that I am able to run it from Launchpad. However, this time there is no console. Running from command line shows the logs on the Terminal window.

try to restart the mac.
Sometimes the corona console doesn’t even appear to me, I can’t understand what the cause is.

I tried restarting mac before you recommended the command. However, I will try one more time to see if it works.

By the way, I get the below error when running from the terminal:
CoronaConsole seems to have vanished … switching to syslog

Restarted once more and the logs appear this time. Thanks for the help and suggestions! :blush: