Corona Remote -- ability to replay data

Corona Remote – what an awesome idea. I suspect you are thinking about a lot of additional features – microphone support, camera support, essentially “anything” the device can do / simulator can’t.

Please consider adding a replay capability. That would be awesome even just with accelerometer, and also with any future features you add. The concept would be – flip a switch, and the remote doesn’t just stream data to the simulator, it also stores it in a separate file that can be named, date/time stamp etc. Then when testing using the simulator, developer has the option to play back the recorded data as if it were streaming live from the device (as it does today).

Many many applications of this for testing, demos, training …

I’m buying the remote today. Please consider this suggestion! [import]uid: 10547 topic_id: 6571 reply_id: 306571[/import]

Its something to look at, having the local remote.lua record the session. I will have a look on how to accomplish that.


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