Corona Remote v1.2 Released - Asynchronous Connection Added

Update - Corona® Remote v1.2 Released!
Upgraded to an asynchronous connection to enhance speed and reliability of the connection between the remote and the simulator.

Corona® Remote is an application & lua library designed to send remote accelerometer data to the Ansca Mobile iPhone development platform Corona®.

Corona® Remote only works on OSX, Windows is not currently supported.

Using your iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch or iPad you can now send real-time accelerometer data to the Corona® Simulator for use when developing accelerometer powered applications and games.

Accelerometer Data Collected

Compass Data Collected

Update - Corona® Remote v1.1 Released!
Compass added ( tap graph to until you see compass )
Ability to change graph / display ( tap the graph )
Fake compass mode for older devices without compass
Fonts should work on iOS 3.1 devices

Ansca, the Ansca Cotton Logo, Corona, the Corona Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Ansca, Inc. © 2008-2011 All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission.

Demo Vid

Real World Testing Vid [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 305283[/import]

This is super cool. Thanks. I will get it for sure. [import]uid: 8192 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 17640[/import]

Update v1.1 Released!

Compass added
Ability to change graph / display
Fake compass mode for older devices without compass
Fonts should work on 3.1 device

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Update - Corona® Remote v1.2 Released!
Upgraded to an asynchronous connection to enhance speed and reliability of the connection between the remote and the simulator. [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 20035[/import]

You need the latest version of Corona for version 1.2 to work as it uses the new network api. [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 20231[/import]

Seriously, if I have to pay 9.99, I will just make one myself.

Don’t be too greedy man. Contribute to this community! [import]uid: 6066 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 22537[/import]

@fdi77: So you telling him that you can do this in 15 minutes yourself. Sure you do, lol! If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Point blank. And btw., Matthew already contributed to this very community much much more.
@Matthew, great job on this tool you did and I think the price is just right. This would save us hours of work. [import]uid: 5712 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 22538[/import]

I don’t know how you got the number 15 minutes from but I never said that.

Well if you think the price is just right then good for you.
But for what it is worth, 9.90 is definitely too high.

A suggestion is a suggestion, its up to Mathew to decide what his contribution is worth.

I just did my own version of remote accelerometer this morning which I will release once I get some designs for it done first.

When I do release it, it will be free.

Not trying to compete with Mathew, just that 9.90 is too much for me as I am quite poor. If its 1.19, I will buy it for sure. [import]uid: 6066 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 22550[/import]

Well, I would say 40 USD is a good hours pay for a decent coder in the US, so 10 USD (The cost of that tool) equals to 15 minutes. It is just simple math.
[import]uid: 5712 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 22605[/import]

  1. I think its quite adamantly obvious now that iphone apps/games are never priced according to hours. your “simple” math don’t really apply.

  2. According to your “logic”, it seems that you are saying Matt’s app is 9.90 because he spent 15 minutes on it.

  3. You don’t make much sense.

  4. So lets stop this pointless argument.

  5. Why don’t we see you release something useful and make a contribution to this world @ your price level.

Then lets talk again. [import]uid: 6066 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 22617[/import]

… [import]uid: 5712 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 22651[/import]

Calling me greedy was unnecessary.

The tool is for a select few people who feel their time is better spent developing their game rather than repeatedly building for the device to test the accelerometer. Or trying to build another remote for that matter.

It won’t sell many as there won’t be that many who need it and I don’t expect to make any money from this. The different licence fees alone wont get paid off through this venture. And I too have more important things I could be focusing on, the community asked for someone to develop some way to do it and I did.

I also developed a joystick that people can use to simulate an accelerometer

There is a competition to win the remote here

And if you are actually poor, or a kid or whatever then you could have just asked for a review code.

/ More Important Things /

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Look guys. I am sorry.

It wasn’t meant to be that serious.

Just pretend that I am looking at the price of an iPad and complaining about its price. [import]uid: 6066 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 22821[/import]

Hey Matthew, that loooks very interesting. Looks like a race track editor or something like that. [import]uid: 5712 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 22884[/import]

Hi Mike

Yeah im writing a module for a game that will generate the track and build the physics walls automatically and connect each section. ( the black lines are the joins )

Its slow going as I need to replicate the work in Lightwave so I can generate 3d meshes to render the final images.

With a bit of math though, which is generating the pink crosses, I can position each section so in the final game a track would be built from an array of something like…

straight , small_curve , straight , small_curve , small_curve , small_curve etc… [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 22999[/import]

Just stopping by to say thank you!
Your Corona Remote is really helping me to test my new apps :slight_smile:

And by the way, the price is right… I mean, it’s a tool for Corona developers, not a mainstream game or utility for casual users [import]uid: 9158 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 24382[/import]

Awesome, if oyu need someone to test this, then I am all in. I loooveee racing games! [import]uid: 5712 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 24383[/import]

Sorry to hijack the thread, Matt, but if you could make a multitouch remote simulator, I’d buy that one as well. Your Remote is awesome, I’m planning to use it extensively with my next game. [import]uid: 6084 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 24686[/import]

Im trying to support touch but its not easy and might not happen.

I need to rewrite how the remote works on the iPhone and how the communications are handled in the simulator among other issues that this raises.

Sending accelerometer info is easy as I just send the current values, however touch would need to work in a different way with the different phases etc… I couldn’t just send the current value as it would miss if the user had ended the touch etc… and obviously multitouch would make that even more difficult. [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 5283 reply_id: 27218[/import]