Corona SDK books on sale!

Learning Mobile App & Game Development with Corona SDK is now on sale!

Along with Beginning Mobile App Development with Corona and Mobile App Development with Corona, you can learn to make your own app with Corona with these eTextbooks that have been used all around the world.

You can see the sale prices at

These books seem old. Are they still up to date for wanting to learn Corona? And are they more about Corona or Corona+LUA?

Hi pixec,

I have attempted to keep the books updated and relevant.  If you find something that is out of date, please let me know and I will update it and push it out to everyone. 
Updates to the books are free with purchase.

While the emphasis is on Corona, I would classify it as Corona + Lua since the fundamentals of programming are included.  In Learning Mobile Application & Game Development with Corona, I spend a lot more time teaching programming than in the other books, which were written for students who have more experience with programming.

Hope that helps!