Corona SDK for Linux?

Corona SDK for Linux? [import]uid: 44110 topic_id: 19595 reply_id: 319595[/import]

Hey there,

Will pass this request along in our next meeting.

Peach :slight_smile: [import]uid: 52491 topic_id: 19595 reply_id: 75748[/import]


Surely you’ve had the chance to bring this up at a meeting. Was it soundly and sternly shot-down or taken as a serious request?

Please know that I would very much like to purchase a Pro subscription, but cannot do so until Linux becomes a supported SDK host platform.

Thank you,
Paul M Edwards [import]uid: 128869 topic_id: 19595 reply_id: 88338[/import]

Yes, it has come up.

Whether or not we act on requests (especially requests as large as this one) really depends on how much interest people show in it.

Adding your +1 in threads like this is a good way of showing that interest.

Unfortunately that’s all I have to add at the moment. [import]uid: 52491 topic_id: 19595 reply_id: 88412[/import]

Unfortunately I would have to say: -1 for Linux support.

Of course an added OS is a plus, but if this takes away resources from other areas of development I’d gladly say ‘screw Linux’. For the 3D software I use I would like Linux support, because it allows me to build a render farm on Linux (for distributed rendering) which would save me a pretty penny. I don’t feel the same need for Corona for which the simulator runs on pretty low end (= cheap) hardware either way.

Sorry Paul and Emerson! Just my two cents. [import]uid: 70134 topic_id: 19595 reply_id: 88422[/import]

Lots for them to do without trying to rewrite for Linux, unless they happen to be already using a cross compiler.
Is WINE not a possibility here?
A vm?

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Have any of you tried running corona via crossover ?

Or wine?

Another solution would be to install windows xp on virtual box inside your Linux installation. Runs fantastic (even windows 7 does) [import]uid: 84637 topic_id: 19595 reply_id: 88641[/import]

I used wine in Ubuntu before but it didn’t work [import]uid: 44110 topic_id: 19595 reply_id: 89405[/import]

+1 [import]uid: 135671 topic_id: 19595 reply_id: 99858[/import]

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+1 from me too.

+1 from me too.





I want Corona for Linux too…