CoronaCards Layering Question

I’m interested in using CoronaCards to put Solar2D mini games inside a Unity app.

This sounds possible, with some hacking behind the scenes, which I’m willing to work through, as long as it is possible to layer the CoronaCard within the view hierarchy.

Can somebody tell me these things:

  1. I want to be able to put things in front or behind of the CoronaCards View, and fade them out, or tween them around.
  2. Is it possible to tween a CoronaCard in while another is tweening out? i.e are they totally independent of each other?
  3. and …is there two-way communication between a CoronaCard and the host app?

(1) and (2) are dependent on your host app. In Android those are just views so you can do whatever android can do with views.

(3) is documented here (for Android):

and here (for iOS):

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Thanks very much for your answers. I’ll look into this further.