Coronium Core - Version 2.7.0

Coronium Core 2.7.0  is now available for installation.

Not many changes visually. But the entire core has been given a super tune-up.

Learn more here:





Live Support (varies):

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_ Before upgrading be sure to create a snapshot or backup of your current system. _
Please post any issues or questions in this forum or live support. Enjoy!

A welcome sight to find you back on the boards. Thanks for the update!

Sounds great! I just tried installing a fresh version but scopes are not working and when I click on configuration in the webmin, server key is just stuck on “loading” along with mailgun and APIhost details. 

I can sign a user up and login with no problem, but nothing is showing on the webmin.

Any idea what is going on?

I tried updating Cache as well… nothing happened

@develephant - great news, thanks!

I figured it out… I installed coronium using the droplet link instead of ec2.


I’m glad you got it figured out. There is a slight difference with the installers. If you have any issues let me know.