Coronium on AWS Lambda Serverless

Hi Develephant, and anyone else who might have an answer,

Firstly thanks for all your great work over the years!

I was wondering if you had any advices as to whether it might be possible to place Coronium in a serverless environment.  Firstly, I am no expert in migrating server code to serverless, nor do i understand the coronium stack, so I am not much help to be able to provide any code direction.  

My interest stems from doing some work with Python Django and AWS Lambda Serverless setups, and that there are significant cost savings to be had using a serverless env and less scaling issues.  I went looking around the coronium ecosystem but haven’t found any reverences to serverless possibilities. 

I would also like to consider using corona as an app front end, both due to my familiarity, and it being cross platform.  Then handle the back end using coronium to make the interface code just nicer than say using customised calls to s3 buckets etc.  Im guessing some of this might be possible with your app

Did you have any thoughts on this as a possibility, or can we use a serverless setup with a few tweaks and have coronium core sitting in a S3 bucket and be spun up and down

It may be possible if it needs to use a relational DB and can be configured to use Amazon Aurora

Heres some info on Amazon Aurora

The AWS wrap sheet “Amazon Aurora Serverless is an on-demand, auto-scaling configuration for Amazon Aurora (MySQL-compatible edition), where the database will automatically start up, shut down, and scale capacity up or down based on your application’s needs. It enables you to run your database in the cloud without managing any database instances. It’s a simple, cost-effective option for infrequent, intermittent, or unpredictable workloads.”