Crash on google play emulator

Not sure what to do here, but my latest game is recording a crash (seems to be on google pixel) in the emulator of the google dev console, when I review the game. It seems to work on the other devices (and mine) but crash on this one.
I don’t have access to this device and none of my other games have crashed like this. The only change from my last project is I changed to from whatever it was before…and code of course, but all the other plugins are the same as my previous project which I updated about 1 month ago - and no crash as far as I remember…
How do I solve this?

Do a robo test with firebase using that particular device with a build with no debug symbols stripped

Thanks - I have heard of that but never done it before - I’ll look into it.

Thats a great little tool - will be using that more often.

Seems like it hit back button in the auto test environment before it was ready to be hit! Probably not something a player would ever do, but an easy fix…