Creating Lua Plugin Question

I’m following this link and I’m having trouble in the Creating A Plugin section. This part

From the Command Prompt, run the  `create_project.bat`  script, first changing directory ( `cd` ) to the project template folder, then specifying the path to the  **new**  project folder along with the plugin name in place of  `PLUGIN_NAME` :

`cd \path\to\template\`

`create_project.bat \path\to\new\project\ PLUGIN_NAME`

Can someone explain?

What problem are you having exactly?

Am I running the create_project.bat by clicking on it or am I running it by typing

cd \path\to\template\`
create_project.bat \path\to\new\project\ PLUGIN_NAME`

in the command prompt?

What exactly does it mean by "changing directory ( cd ) to the project template folder then specifying the path to the new project folder along with the plugin name in place of PLUGIN_NAME :

Do I just rename the cd to whatever I called the project template folder?
and where exactly do I specify the path?

if you’re on Mac, try running it like this. The ./ tells the OS to execute the provided file

./create_project.bat \path\to\new\project\ PLUGIN_NAME

Also, here is an example. Say you are creating a plugin call “SuperAwesome”, and you want to put it in your Documents directory on a Mac. Run this

first cd to the template, so something like

cd ~/Downloads/plugins-template-library-lua

This is assuming that that you have it in your downloads folder. Then run

./create_project.bat ~/Documents/SuperAwesome SupeAwesome

Hope this helps. Good luck!

nvm I figured it out. Thanks

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