CRITICAL iOS store.restore & store.purchase not working

In the latest build 2022.3680, store.restore is not working, and neither is store.purchase. It literally hangs my code and doesn’t return to my callback.

Call me crazy, but to double-check my sanity, has anyone released a new iOS app update using this new build 3680 and tested the store.restore and store.purchase functionality? (I’ll check another of my apps that have had zero changes in another 4-6 hours from now when I return for the evening, and report my findings)

Works just fine for me in sandbox so cannot see much of a reason why it won’t work on your distribution build. Might be worth checking your code or settings another time maybe?

FYI, store is working fine on my older apps that don’t have ads. I’ll finish updating them and come back to my main app, where I’ll disable the ads and see if that solves the problem. Any other ideas are welcome.

well, after thorough testing, it appears fine. The answer must be that for 30 minutes or so the other night, Apple’s store was not ‘up’, perhaps down for maintenance. LOL! Anything is possible.