Dahlia Studio - The "missing" editor for Solar2D

Dahlia Studio is a visual editor for the Solar2D game engine. It aims to address the long-standing need for a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) game development experience that most other engines provide.

I have been working on Dahlia for a while now, as some of you know (those of you on the Solar2D discord), and we’ve finally reached the point where I can share a “first draft” demo version with the community.

If you’re interested in learning more about Dahlia Studio, including its backstory and where I intend to go with this project, check out the long-form devlog I wrote explaining it all.

You may also follow me on twitter for real-time, bite-sized updates on development progress.


You can download the free demo on my itch.io page.

So far, only windows is supported. In the future however, Dahlia Studio will be coming to an OS near you, with planned support for macOS and Linux.

Any feedback you have will be greatly appreciated.

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Do you have a link to documentation? Do you have plans to create demo videos on youtube?

There’s no documentation as of yet, but it will be available soon after the full version is released, which is hopefully quite soon.

I don’t have plans to create demo/tutorial videos, but the documentation will be very comprehensive, so hopefully that will suffice.

If anyone would like to create such videos however, please feel free to, I’d be happy to feature them.

P/s: If anything in the editor doesn’t make sense, feel free to ask.

@devex great idea! Any chance you can produce this for Mac, too? Most of us making iOS and Android apps have to use a Mac; this is part of Apple’s requirement to create iOS builds. Your thoughts?

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Hi! Mac and Linux support is definitely on the roadmap, though the main challenge on the macOS side is that I don’t own a mac, so I’ll have to use a virtual mac service such as macincloud.com, which will hopefully be paid for by initial sales.

Dahlia Studio has now been released! :tada:

It’s still in early access/beta, so some features are missing, but you can now create a project, create your scenes and export the project to be built in the simulator. More updates will be on their way soon.

If you’re interested, now’s the best time to purchase, since there’s a 50% discount and your purchase covers all future updates.

There’s currently only support for windows, but more platforms are coming very soon.

Check it out now:

P/s: Dahlia Studio has rich-text support right out of the box :smiley:

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