Deep link to app

I’m trying to create a deep link to my app: A link that will open the app in a specific view.
For example: A user share some item in the app via whatsapp (in the form of uri/link?) to a friend and then if the friend clicks on it and he has the app installed, it will be opened on the same item in the app.

I did some research but unfortunately I did not found a good guide that shows how to do it properly (iPhone and Android), I did found some resources that talk about applicationOpen event and push notification maybe…
Anyone, any idea?


I’ve done it before with Corona/Solar. You just parse the notification events

There should be custom data you can pass, and I think even the URL

Thanks for the quick response!

How do I trigger the notification with link click? I’m a little lost on how to approach the problem

what do you mean by “notification with link click”?