Deep linking

Hello dear fellow developers,

I am looking for a deep-linking solution for my app. I basically need an URI with this functionality :

  1. If the user has the app installed (either opened -foreground or background- or closed) : open the app and pass parameters.

  2. If the user doesn’t have the app installed, take the user to the appstore, and on first opening of the app, pass parameters.

I currently use URL SCHEME/INTENT FILTER and it works great for part 1, but not so much for part 2 (It takes the user to the appstore, but does not allow to pass parameters).

From my research, i found that the best solution would probably be a 3rd party tool like However, I did contact them and developing a plugin for Solar2D is not on their roadmap.
It seems like Firebase Dynamic Links can do the same thing, but i could not find a plugin for Solar 2D either.

Any idea how i could achieve the desired behavior ?

Any dev that would have the skills to develop the proper plugin to link to ?

Any help or direction pointing is welcome !


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I am not clear about

But regarding Firebase, I would recommend you to ask the expert “Scott”.

Almost all plugins for Firebase are developed by him.

I currently also use his Firestore plugin.

Maybe you can ask him and you have got a more accurate answer.

Hello, I am looking for the same thing today.
Can you tell me, did you achieve what you wanted?
Which way worked for you?

Appreciate your reply. Thanks!

I never could make it work unfortunately…
Dim (Deadpan Dodo)

I see, thanks for the reply!