*** Delay when starting my app -- More than 25 secs

I have several apps in the Play Store, and I have noticed that when I use display.save in my apps it gradually happens that when opening my apps they take a long time to fully open. I mean 20, 25 or more seconds.

I have reviewed so many times my code but i can’t find anything that can be the source to that problem. Any here with the same issue?

I recommend you to fill your code with prints, flagging all the different processes on loading
Then you will know which part is taking more time to load.

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Thank you depliz, but i refer to production version, so print does not help nothing in this case. My issue does not happen in simulator.

depliz is correct… provided you have an Android device…

Add print statements, side load to your device, then use “adb logcat” to view the logs.

Ok, perfect!, thank you.

Hi schizoid2k
I have been using ADB in the CLI but it is difficult for me to see my prints in it. When I run adb logcat, endless lines appear that do not stop appearing, besides that when I examine them I don’t see any of my prints reflected. I have tried various commands according to the adb help but have not seen any print.
I tried adb logcat, adb -d logcat and I don’t see any of my prints


adb logcat > output.txt

This will funnel the output to a text file so you can then open the file in a text editor and view it.

To make it easier to find your prints, I suggest adding a common text string… something like this:

print "aclementerodrguez: My first print"
print "aclementerodrguez: My second print"

It makes it easier to find in that large file. If you do not see any prints at all, then I would assume that they are not in the proper areas. Try putting one as your first line in main.lua.

I hope this helps.

Using the command

adb logcat Corona:D *:S

should make things more manageable by showing only the debug information from your app and muting everything else.

That is a good suggestion. Thank you

It works…thanks