is there a demo version to try before buy?

Also are there any samples, i.e. to show how to move a ball round the screen based on accelarator input?

Ta! [import]uid: 9371 topic_id: 6461 reply_id: 306461[/import]

The website has some samples including one with a ball moving around.

Unfortunately there is no demo at the moment, I couldn’t think of a way to do it which wouldn’t just give the whole app away. [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 6461 reply_id: 23625[/import]

How do I run this demo, I see it running in the simulator but then what??? [import]uid: 9371 topic_id: 6461 reply_id: 23627[/import]

Well you need the remote to connect to the sample file to see how it works or build it for your device and run it live [import]uid: 5354 topic_id: 6461 reply_id: 23629[/import]