Deprecated Game Center Request issue and Game Center Plugin (Scott H)


I am making a call to Load Friends in Game Center

gameNetwork.request( "loadFriends" , { listener=requestCallback } )

and getting a response

[Device] table: 0x2823d56c0 {
[Device] [type] => “loadFriends”
[Device] [name] => “gameNetwork”
[Device] [provider] => “gamecenter”
[Device] [errorCode] => 34
[Device] [errorMessage] => “The requested API is obsolete and does nothing”
[Device] }

I am using build Version 2021.3648 (2021.6.25) and a Mac running version 11.4 Big Sur

I have also tried Scott H Tech plugin and get a friends id but this id does not work with the load photo request in solar2d

gameNetwork.request( "loadPlayerPhoto" ,
{playerID = "Scott H Tech Friend ID response" ,
size = “Small” ,
listener = requestCallback })
. Is anybody else experiencing this ? Is there a way around this or am I doing something wrong ? Thanks

Still working on this issue. In the Scott Game Center plugin, I receive friends player ids on player.friends call (although they are not in the G:434324xx format).

Accessing gamePlayerID:162612008188060992
[Device] player friends
[Device] ----------
[Device] {
[Device] ----------
[Device] table: 0x28223a640 {
[Device] [1] => table: 0x28223a640 {
[Device] [playerID] => “162612008188060992”
[Device] [displayName] => “Reliable Astrologer 66”
[Device] }
[Device] }

I am assuming the “loadPlayerPhoto” solar2d core function can upload any player photo not just the local player photo. The documentation doesn’t imply anything either way. Thanks if anybody knows. I get nil when I try it.